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The Process

Electronic Copy Center - High speed backlog, outsource document scanning, drawing scanning, PDF scanning, data conversion and document retrieval specialists.

Electronic Copy Center provides backlog, outsourced document scanning, forms processing, data conversion and data capture services to private and public sector industries throughout the Saudi Arabia.

Any size or type of paper or microfilm document in any quantity. Colour and black & white document scanning and drawing scanning up to A0 size.

High volume A3 / A4 document scanning bureau. The supply of bespoke scanning equipment along with in-house software solutions.

Paper documents converted to electronic format such as PDF is fast growing in popularity.

Microfiche scanning, Roll Film scanning and microfilm scanning are forms of electronic document archiving available as a high speed quality document scanning service from Electronic Copy Center.

In-house server based or remote web based document retrieval system, Electronic Copy Center provide the solution.

Paper documents or microfilm documents can be scanned to CD / DVD ROM, delivered with free software for instant digital document viewing and retrieval.

A full list of our services.

By scanning paperwork then storing it on Electronic Copy Center Disc or DVD accessible using user-friendly, retrieval software companies can save enormous amounts of time, space and money by moving from 'paper' to 'electronic data'. Read our case studies.

Electronic Copy Center is one of the Saudi Arabia 's leading specialists in total document management providing a wide range of solutions (document scanning, scanning to PDF and conversion to PDF, engineering drawing scanning, scanning of architects plans and legal documents to PDF, TIF or JPEG or into our document management software for instant retrieval via a user friendly and instinctive search interface. Search over many cross-referenced, predefined search criteria) to help achieve dramatic improvements in efficiency. Read more about us.

ISO 9001 accredited, Electronic Copy Center offers a high quality confidential document scanning service which conforms to BIP 0008. This means that all scanned documents are legally admissible in court as well as to bodies such as the Inland Revenue, Customs and Excise. For more information on legal and quality issues. Read our legal section.

Document scanning, drawing scanning, forms processing, data capture, data entry, pdf scanning, data conversion, microfilm scanning, bureau scanning services provided by Electronic Copy Center.

Based in the Al -Dammam     Al-Kohbar . We are conveniently placed to cover the whole of the Saudi Arabia.

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drawing scanning services

|Document Scanning and Drawing Scanning.

A complete high volume document scanning service providing Saudi Arabia companies with archiving, imaging and retrieval services for all sizes / types of documents from business cards to large format engineering drawings or architects plans in colour or black and white. Our high speed document scanning service handles large volumes of A3 / A4 paper. We are ISO 9001 quality assured, providing a secure and confidential document scanning service. Our drawing scanning service offers black & white and colour scanning up to A0 size. Output to PDF, TIF, Jpeg or a complete retrieval system.

Data Conversion.

A full range of ERM / COLD services, providing data conversion of spooled data and print files viewable in their original format including overlays and templates. Data capture, data entry and high volume automated forms processing capabilities.

PDF Scanning and Conversion.

Documents scanned then converted to the Adobe PDF format are accessible, flexible and easily distributable. Adobe PDF Reader is free so you will not have to pay to view your scanned PDF documents. Electronic Copy Center produce advanced scanned PDF files. Our PDF scanning / conversion service incorporates the latest compression technology to give high quality PDF images with small file sizes. PDF scanning / conversion by Electronic Copy Center.

Microfilm Scanning.

Many companies still retain information on microfilm, microfiche and 35mm or 16 mm roll film even though it is now relatively outdated. At Electronic Copy Center, we can take your 35mm and 16mm rolls, jackets, microfiche then convert them into a more accessible and user-friendly file format including PDF.

Bespoke Software and Equipment.

The provision of document scanning and data conversion equipment. The development of bespoke document retrieval and scanning software, PDF scanning and conversion software.

pdf scanning PDF downloads.

Guide To Document Scanning.

A comprehensive guide to document scanning and data conversion including PDF scanning, digital document archiving, A0 digital imaging, high volume paper scanning, drawing scanning and scanning to CD retrieval systems.

Download PDF: Guide To Document Scanning - Adobe PDF (199K)


Your questions answered about document scanning, data conversion and document retrieval questions answered. Alternatively, please call one of our specialists for personal advice.

Download PDF: FAQ - Adobe PDF (24K)


Free Software


Click here to download earlier versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF Viewer


Click Here to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 . PDF Viewer


Free image editing software with multipage TIF support. (Irfanview)


In-house digital document solutions


Coming soon - Electronic Copy Center's own TIF/PDF viewing solution.


Coming Soon - ImageAnvil Version 1.0. Electronic Copy Center's own document conversion, indexing, renaming and viewing solution, including PDF conversion.